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DynaTech Systems Pty Ltd


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ABN  31 008 168 312  


Unit 3, 7 Laurel Ave,

Linden Park

South Australia  5065

Tel: (08) 72003154 

Fax: (08) 72003254


DynaPay Award Interpreter

                                       Professional management Software


The DynaPay II Award Interpreter is a totally unique system incorporating "EXPERT SYSTEMS" technology. Users can create their own set of rules for an employee, or group of employees. The system is able to correctly convert employees times into payroll allowances, even for the most complex of awards.


1. Analyse each cost-centre costs by:
    Day of week ( ie number of employee hours used and the cost of each employee

    for each day)
    Employee-hours used by hour of the day by day of the week
     By average pay loading obtained by employee type by day of the week.
2. Provide user generated reports containing split-ups by award, loadings & penalties.
3. Enable Times Entries, ie Monday 4.00pm to 11pm, to be converted to pay allowances and penalties, by user defined awards, that can cover each set of rules for an employee or group of employees.

Because low level times data entry is used, errors are much reduced from that of manual payroll software, as all calculations are done by the computer. In complex employee awards such as hospitality, the error rate for manual pay calculations is as much as one in every 3.5 pays contain errors! The loss in dollar terms averages about $450 per week per 100 employees. These statistics ware obtained by running previous pay weeks during training on new installations!

The electronic input of times allows for the paymaster to change roles from input duties to staff monitors and providers of management information. Manual entries are restricted to adjustments authorized by Managers and Supervisors. Management is enhanced and another potential error area is minimised.


Specializing in the Hospitality and non-regular hours Industries, DynaPay

is the software used when it becomes "TOO HARD" for other systems.
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