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DynaTech Systems Pty Ltd


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ABN  31 008 168 312  


Unit 3, 7 Laurel Ave,

Linden Park

South Australia  5065

Tel: (08) 72003154 

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DynaPay  Schedule32

Hospitality Rostering


Our all new Scheduling system is a break through for the hospitality industry, allowing for the first time, supervisors, managers and general managers to plan and roster their employees in a simple graphical interface. The base system allows for the rostering and recording of employees, records and displays unavailable times, retains roster history, and prints the roster out for employee notice board.  Because the system is totally Australian, it understands such things as “As Required” shifts, “5 hours without a break” 24 hour operations and the fact that the days’ operations do not end at midnight.  Rostering can be over various time cycles, and a range of user friendly options offer choices of views, rounding options, sort orders and screen options.  Views can be a day view, or an employee view for the roster period.  The system displays labour hours graphically in the form of a stacked bar chart showing staffing levels for each quarter hour for each cost centre.
















Being totally dynamic, roster changes are updated  and new rosters produced in seconds.  The system allows you to copy rosters from some period in the past as a template to start producing a new roster.


Advanced versions allow for departmental rostering and multi-user environments, where larger organisations can have supervisors and department heads assembling the roster simultaneously. 


Website Support.  Transfer your roster direct to your own website, or to a web page provided by us, using the internal FTP client!  This allows your employees to look up their rosters from home without ringing supervisors or office. Schedule32 generates the roster as HTML code automatically ready for transmission, a simple procedure. Rosters can also be emailed to employees direct.


Breakthrough interface to DynaPayII Time Attendance Systems and Award Interpreter!


A roster is a plan, a budget by another name. Rosters produced by Schedule32 software can be interactively used by the DynaPayII Time Attendance Systems with Electronic Timeclocks to compare the results of Budget Vs Actual, and also to provide rules, security and reports of deviations from the rostered plan.  This provides never before heard of levels of control in the hospitality industry.


The DynaPayII Awards32 Award Interpreter, if installed, provides the ability to cost your rosters providing a daily labour cost for each department by employee.



Specializing in the Hospitality and non-regular hours Industries, DynaPay is the software used when it becomes "TOO HARD" for other systems.
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