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Copyright 2002, DynaTech Systems Pty Ltd


Backup Ezy provides a simple way of securing your valuable data from computer theft, fire and hard disk failure.  You can create and save profiles of your information on your hard disk, via an easy to use click and select selection screen.  Wildcard selections are fully supported, so selections such as “*.dat” with a directory or directory tree are simple to create and save.  Users can define selections from their debtors, general ledger, document directory trees (e.g. *.doc), email files and address books.  The destination for the backup is selected to another drive or direcotry or across a network to another computer, minimizing disk crash losses or theft, or alternatively creating a simple method of “burn to CD” type backups.














The system quickly creates a single compressed file or the target drive, in a directory chosen by you. You are able to restore any file or folder, or the complete backup quickly, again with a simple graphics selection screen.  Large backups are not a problem, as long as the target is capable of holding them, and disk spanning on floppy disks is fully supported.  The compression file is a standard zip file, and can be examined or operated using WinZip or similar utilities.  All local path locations are stored in the file, to make a Restore as simple as possible.


Backup Ezy is the best and most cost effective insurance that you can buy.  The system overcomes the problem with Adaptec Direct CD and Nero CD software, both of which allow profiles to be generated, but do not add new files, documents and spreadsheets to the backup profile as and when they are created.  By creating one backup file, Backup Ezy allows you to quickly drag the single file to the CD burner software for a quick offsite storage of data.  A bonus is that the zip compression allows for much more data to be placed on a single 700MB CD, which can be easily fully or partially extracted on any other computer if required, using Backup EZY or Winzip. After hours back-up is catered for, as well, using Windowsc Scheduler and Backup EZY.


Backup Ezy is Available for $29.95US dollars or $59.95 Australian Dollars. Please contact us for registration details.  Download a fully functional trail version now!