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DynaTech Systems Pty Ltd


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ABN  31 008 168 312  


Unit 3, 7 Laurel Ave,

Linden Park

South Australia  5065

Tel: (08) 72003154 

Fax: (08) 72003254


DynaPay II Payroll Software

                    Professional Employee management Software

Dynapay II is the leading payroll package in Hospitality in Australia. It is heavyweight mature software, which is able to produce quite fantastic payroll analysis, as every penalty or overtime loading under each award classification can be identified and reported upon.

Payments by cheque, cash and electronic Bank debits facilities are available. Pay advice printing, Group Certificate creation and electronic lodgement with the ATO, leave processing & accruals, and taxation and superannuation calculations are amongst the many features included in the system.

The system incorporates two separate reporting systems, each capable of extensive user defined reporting, and a suite of standard reports and summaries. Reporting can be output direct to spreadsheets, providing additional analysis opportunities.

Dynapay II excels over other payroll systems in the design which is based on the analysis of daily payroll. Special attention has been given to the mix of casual, part time and full time employees, as well as the fact that each day in hospitality does not conveniently end at midnight. What Dynapay II, the Award Interpreter and Time and Attendance system are able to do, in regard to payroll analysis, is:

1. Provide on screen high resolution colour graphics of the above analyses.
2. Retain history and provide user defined & generated reports for each employee per period.
3. Incorporate scanned image technology that is able to display employee photos, driving licences, job applications, tax declarations, etc.
4. Ability to incorporate employee masterfile information into user defined reports.
5. Ability to output user defined reports, including employee masterfile information, direct to spreadsheets.
6. Provide full support for the Superannuation Guarantee charge and multiple superannuation funds, and for the latest employee pay advice requirements.
7. Handle salary sacrifice schemes whilst preserving true cost allocations.
8. Handle Australian and overseas taxation rates and conditions.


All software has been written by us, and are presented as one smooth seamless package. There are no third party type interfaces. The Electronic Timeclocks, are directly imported by us, with internal program features specified by us for Australian conditions. Our software products are totally South Australian, not overseas programs adapted for Australia. We have developed a complete Australian system for Australian Hospitality. Other vendors are using a combination of American Rostering and Australian Payroll with clumsy interfaces and overseas programming support. Being Australian, we are able to provide direct support to you.

Specializing in the Hospitality and non-regular hours Industries, DynaPay

is the software used when it becomes "TOO HARD" for other systems.
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