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DynaTech Systems Pty Ltd


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ABN  31 008 168 312  


Unit 3, 7 Laurel Ave,

Linden Park

South Australia  5065

Tel: (08) 72003154 

Fax: (08) 72003254


DynaPay Time Attendance System

Professional Employee Management Software


The Dynapay II Rostering, Time Attendance System is a highly developed system especially designed for complex 24 hour industries such as Hospitality, Medical, and Fuel Service.


The system offers dramatic savings, typically in the order of 7% of total payroll and on-cost expenses in hospitality, where businesses are currently using employee generated timesheets. We believe that the DynaPay II Employee Time Management Systems are the best staff management systems available to take Australian businesses through the 21st century.

We supply and support two different time recorders. With the first timeclock, the TR-3, each

employee has an ID badge, with a barcode that is read by the electronic timeclocks when they clock in and out. You attach the small barcode stickers to ID or authority cards and laminate them with an optional plastic clip on the back.


The second option is for employees to nominate a magnetic card such as VISA, MasterCard, Bankcard, store credit cards, loyalty cards, medical fund cards or their Medicare Card. They can use this nominated card in our Magnetic time recorder. If they do not own a single magnetic card, we supply you with some to issue. Most employees appreciate not having to carry yet another card, and using employee valuable personal cards eliminates "cross clocking", where employees clock each other on or off. This model, the Q50A, which has proved extremely popular, also incorporates a modem, so that you can install it in your other business locations for direct communication if you wish to centralize your payroll. Modem support is incorporated into the software.

 The barcode TR-1 timeclock can have an optional barcode wand. This can be used by employees to indicate where they have been working, by clocking and reading a barcode with the wand from a sheet of departments and barcodes adjacent on the wall. This has proven most successful where employees are moving across departments frequently. The magnetic card timeclock supports a CCD hand scanner for the same purpose, rather than a wand. Fingerscan timeclocks do not support this feature.



Actual employee attendance times are recorded and down loaded directly from the time clocks to the computer system. Employees cannot clock each other in and out, and clock card adjustments and the filling out of timesheets and overtime lists from memory at the end of a day or pay period is eliminated. Dynapay II introduces a more disciplined employee environment. Unnecessary time is not paid for and paid time is used more efficiently. Dynapay II Time & Attendance works by placing employees on defined rosters, which have parameters to define actions to be undertaken in the event of early or late starts and early or late finishes. There are also many other parameters, which allow implementation of other rules such as what rounding occurs when employees work outside their rosters, (which in hospitality is more normal than abnormal); work when they are not rostered; or expand meal or shift breaks. The system handles the most complex rosters and recognises the responsibility of rostering and makes supervisors accountable for their planning, and for the staff-costs incurred each day. Variations such as overtime are authorised as they occur, not later, in the processing period.


Yet you can use the system without entering rosters, or only some rosters, and still control your staff! The flexibilility of the system allows this. It is also essential in hospitality and complex industries that costs may be analysed on a daily basis. Reports available can give you; costs by day by department; employee-hours used for each hour of each day by department; forecast costing of rosters; absenteeism reports; and average daily shift loadings achieved by each supervisor. The system produces a huge resource of analytical data, enabling detailed analysis of almost any area or operation. Your Managers and Supervisors can be aware of daily labour expenditure variations each day rather than after the end of the pay period.


All software has been written by us, and are presented as one smooth seamless package. There are no third party type interfaces. The Electronic Timeclocks, are directly imported by us, with internal program features written or specified by us for Australian conditions. Our software products are totally South Australian, not overseas programs adapted for Australia. We have developed a complete Australian system for Australian Hotels and other complex industries. Other vendors are using a combination of American Rostering and Australian Payroll with clumsy interfaces and overseas programming support.



The electronic input of times allows for the paymaster to change roles from input duties to staff monitoring, auditing, and providers of management information. Manual entries are restricted to adjustments authorised by Managers and Supervisors. Management is enhanced and another potential error area is minimised.


Specializing in the Hospitality and non-regular hours Industries, DynaPay

is the software used when it becomes "TOO HARD" for other systems.
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